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Back by popular demand from 2017's school, Joe Kennedy will instruct for two full days on topics that were not only requested but that will make your investigation more productive.  Joe was a Special Agent with (NCIS) for 25 years.  He served on North Carolina Homicide Investigator's Association.  Joe was the Primary Architect and First Program Manager for the internationally acclaimed NCIS Cold Case Homicide Unit. He wrote the methodology and protocol for NCIS Cold Case investigations, which has been adopted by numerous police agencies around the globe. Joe has provided cold case homicide consultation and training to various law enforcement agencies throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. He was recently profiled in "Delayed Justice – America's Best Cold Case Investigators." authored by Jack and Mary Branson.

Lee Mellor Is the chair of the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases' academic committee, Mellor has reviewed unsolved homicides in Pennsylvania, Missouri, Ohio, and London, submitting offender profiles and recommendations to numerous police agencies. He has been trained in the detection of psychopathy by Dr. Robert Hare and Dr. Mary Ellen O'Toole of the FBI's behavioral analysis unit, along with identifying paraphilia at crime scenes by O'Toole and Dr. Eric Hickey.  Mellor has lectured on abnormal homicide and violence at universities and colleges across Europe and North America including The University of Stockholm (Sweden), Durham University (UK), Manchester Metropolitan University (UK), Concordia University (Canada), and the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases' annual conference in St. Louis.

Please click "Topics at the School" at the top of this page to read more about local and regional cases that will be presented.

Topics of discussion will include:
*Investigative Theory and Procedures for Homicides
*Cold Case Methodology and Protocol
*Investigative Steps for Cold Cases
*Cold Case Interview and Interrogation Techniques
*Solvability Factors and Prosecutorial Considerations
*Crime Scene Staging
*Documentation Dissection for Homicide Cases
*From first responder to conviction
*Investigative Steps for Gang Related Homicides
*The Utilization of Informants and Proactive Investigative Strategies for Homicide Cases
*DNA Technological Advancements and CODIS
*Case Studies
*Websites of interest to homicide detectives investigating various dating and role playing deaths

More information will be added as it becomes available so check back often for updated cases and speakers.  
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